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                Designed for elderly women in twenty-first Century urban noble


                Too wide brand — Rich, elegant, noble

                An arrangement and action, build "too wide" brand. At the end of 1999 broad brand too founder Ma Quntao Mr., in order to give mother buy a suit that fits, traveled the streets of Shenzhen, not find a satisfactory garment. So he after careful market research, swear to establish a brand of filial piety, named "too wide, designed for mother to make clothing, let the world mother beautiful forever, began a tireless search for middle-aged and old clothing. Ten years of time, the power of filial inspired him, convinced that the heart shape quality is the only magic weapon to win, continuous learning and innovation will be invincible!
                Now we still meticulous follow Mr. Ma Quntao concept, designed for the 21st Century City noble in elderly women, clothing is committed to a in the designer's inspiration and practical combination, advocate a reasonable price, in terms of quality: highlight the details of the skill.....


                Join Hotline:400-1122-555